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Vol. 10, No. 3 Summer/Fall 2002

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New Equipment Added to DATI Inventory

For most Delawareans, the DATI's Assistive Technology Resource Centers are their only source of equipment for trial use periods or other circumstances in which AT is needed for a short time. As a part of a recent project providing intensive training about AT for case managers from the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services, we acquired several new pieces of equipment. We are grateful to the Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council for the grant funding that enabled us to provide the training and add the following equipment to the DATI inventory:

DATI Equipment Loan Policy

DATI has a wide variety of equipment at the Assistive Technology Resource Centers for the primary purpose of demonstration and short-term loan. The policy for the loan of the equipment is as follows:

The standard loan period is two weeks, defined as the day borrowed (e.g., Monday the 10th) to the same day two weeks later (e.g., Monday the 24th). Loans may be extended providing there are no names on the waiting list and/or that an extension will not interfere with an existing reservation. The maximum loan period is 4 weeks.

A maximum of four (4) devices may be borrowed at a time, i.e., during any single loan period. However, combinations of devices may be treated as a single device if the components are interdependent-either operationally, or because one component is required for the user to access another.

Equipment loans across state lines are not permitted. Equipment must also remain in Delaware throughout the loan period.

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