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Vol. 10, No. 3 Summer/Fall 2002

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Pathfinder Includes New 32-Location Unity Program

The Unity 32 program is now a standard feature of the Pathfinder communication aid. The Unity Tour Guide and Vocabulary Sort include documentation to support the new software. Designed specifically for the Pathfinder, Unity 32 makes full use of the hardware and software features of the device. Unity 32 actually includes two integrated versions, a "single-hit" program that provides a very simple introduction to the vocabulary and a "sequenced" version that allows access to an expanded vocabulary by sequencing icons.

Who will benefit from Unity 32?

Any individual with visual or motor impairments may find the larger graphics and larger keys easier to access. This program may also be a starting point for very young augmented communicators and those users with moderate to severe cognitive challenges.

How many words does the program contain?

The Single-Hit vocabulary contains 2100 "root" words. Adding word endings in Unity 32 expands the vocabulary very quickly. The Sequenced version contains the 2100 root words plus 200 "core" words and phrases. With the Sequenced version, access to vocabulary requires fewer keystrokes.

Transitioning with Unity

Unity software allows users to expand their vocabulary without learning a new system. These programs use the same icons, the same icons sequences for vocabulary, and similar icon locations. Unity 32 includes:

The DATI Assistive Technology Resource Center near you has a Pathfinder for demonstration and short-term loan. To purchase a Pathfinder, call the Prentke Romich Company Sales Office at (800) 262-1933. To add Unity 32 to a Pathfinder you already own, call the PRC Service Department at (800) 262-1990.

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