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Volume 18, No. 2 - Spring 2010

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Lotsa Helping Hands Create Community

Lotsa Helping Hands logo, with simple graphic depicting three individuals in a circle with arms linked.Would you, your family, or someone in your community benefit from the organization of meals, transportation, in-home assistance, and/or information sharing? Many people find it difficult to ask for assistance and the coordination of extensive needs takes time and energy. Thankfully, there is a great solution available to you—Lotsa Helping Hands, In fact, this remarkable website may be the greatest form of social networking to hit the internet. The compilation of resources available at the Lotsa Helping Hands website was created to support caregivers and volunteers by empowering their circles of community who are eager to help.

photo of five hands, each grasping the wrist of the other, creating a united bond.Lotsa Helping Hands is a web-based service that provides the necessary tools to develop a “community” aimed at meeting the physical, emotional, spiritual, and everyday needs of people seeking such supports. Community volunteers can easily view and sign-up for tasks, review their current commitments, and be confident they won’t forget any assignments as the system automatically sends out email reminders of upcoming obligations. Community members have access to private message boards, photo galleries, resource sections for sharing relevant web links and documents, and a “Well Wishes” wall. Lotsa Helping Hands relieves the awkwardness of having to ask for help every time there is a need. Once a member signs up for a task, the community website shows tasks as assigned, which avoids the overlap of efforts. Furthermore, any number of custom community sections can be created in order to improve the flow and sharing of information within the community, keeping all members, near and far, ‘in the loop.’

photo of a person in at fatigue jacket, representative an individual in the military, being embraced by a female, who is only identifiable from her hands and arms.Lotsa Helping Hands is committed to providing this service free of charge to all communities, which means that the growth of the website is supported by organizations who pay a license fee to offer a specialized version of the service to their audience. Lotsa Helping Hands never provides membership information to anyone.

If you’d like additional information, or you have questions that aren’t answered in this article, please contact Lotsa Helping Hands by sending an email to You can learn more about available services and the company at or■

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